With well over a decade of experience, tattooing my way coast to coast, and working along side some good friends and mentors from England to New England, I’ve become well rounded in all styles of tattooing. Including Traditional American, Black and Grey and Japanese done in a more traditional style.

Originally from Kingston, NY, I have traveled the amber waves to the fruited planes over the purple mountains and all its majesty and from sea to sea God shed his grace on me with good brotherhood in Erie, Pa. Now living in Erie for five years, I’ve started my voyage and opened a shop unlike one has ever seen.

I look forward to giving you a wonderful experience along with a swell tattoo @ Steadfast Tattoo Parlour. Please feel free to
contact me with any questions or to set up an appointment. Thank you for checking out my site, I hope you enjoy what you find.

Owner and Artist,
 Joel Brennan